Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lotusphere 2009 is under 150 days away

Seems like an eternity, but no, it will pass faster than your kids summer break.

As we get closer to the ever popular hotel stake outs for space, submissions for sessions and BOFs(who doeesn't like 7am BOFs) and the extremely popular yet oddly registered hands on sessions lest us not forget there will be new people who may not want to go and you should encourage and help them best way you can so they see the light.

A la Visa....

Full conf pass: Under $2,000 (at most)
Swan/Dolphin Hotel: $1,500 (at least)
Car Rental: Never mind take a taxi you drunken mortals and save on Parking too
Food, er Beverages: $250
Week away from the office, kids, wife, inlaws, cats, dogs, fish, snow, help desk, trouble tickets and spending it with your friends and new PlanetLotus Blog friends you haven't met yet:


But seriously, keep in mind everyone sometimes needs some help, maybe you have a spare pass, or your room has a pull out couch or you fly in the same place as someone, collaboration is your personal life and your professional life.
Not sure where we can post these things, maybe the Gonzo Lotusphere site or some place else.

Now when do session submissions start and will they tell us if we are in before the price raises this year?

Me? I get to drive up from Boca, about 2.5 hours with the top down :-) Might have a passenger this year too as I figured he might like a ride.