Friday, June 3, 2011

I'm Back In The Saddle Again... FudBuster Friday's Return

For those to young to remember, in readership days that is, or missed them the 1st time, they were about the sometimes Microsoft FUD that existed, sometimes Google or sometimes just bad business choices and how to fight them or work against them or with them in some cases. Google Fudbuster Friday sometime you might like what you find.

When last I left off it was august 2009 and I had posted one every Friday for a year, holidays, vacations, sickness and health. But I got tired of writing a weekly column and wanted a vacation from it.

Why start it again now?

Almost 2 years ago and in that time MUCH has changed. Some for the better, some not. Social Media is much more powerful than before, as an evolution of messaging, and the product range from IBM and others which is available today brings amazing opportunities for businesses.

I have changed, my business has changed, your decisions have changed. It is no longer as important which product you use per se, but how you will choose to use them.

Free is not for you in the corporate world.

You get what you pay for has never meant as much as it does now.

Your employees will not work for free, neither should you expect your business to run itself for free. Everything has a price. Everything.

See you Friday morning.

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