Friday, June 10, 2011

Fud Buster Friday #54: I Am The Man

A few years ago this was almost always the case. Man or woman, it didn't matter, but their title provided them the luxury of making a decision. Period.

While I used to believe this was indicative of a Microsoft leader, and in some cases it still is, it really is indicative of a leader that enjoys the silo, and the penthouse apartment or corner office and their bonus plan because it was guaranteed.

What happened along the way, among other things, was the economic failures, Twitter and Facebook exploded, cell phones became the new laptop and that executive was suddenly being asked questions that they brushed off years ago and looking like a deer in the headlight. They could still retain their jobs, but they had to start making more group decisions. They may not like it and in some cases still make their own choices, but they now face numerous perils. Behind the scenes IM or emails are nothing next to the blatant and outright call outs of blog posts, tweets and Facebook postings.

What can you do? You don't need every thing to get voted on, Liked, +1 or retweeted, but you do need a plan.

I was asked by an IBM executive the other day, "How do you get your information?". A loaded question, no I do not use secret IBM information publicly, however I do understand IBM very well sometimes. But I said I get my information from Twitter, blog posts, various feeds and sites, Skype chats, IM, emails and the old fashioned way...I ask.

If you as the executive, or you as the person reporting to the executive, are not utilizing these tools, and though they may be fun and games to some, they are definitely tools, you are still living in the past. Your employees use them all, and more, but if you have no way to monitor this new messaging or be a part of it in a meaningful way, what do you bring to the table, aside from your attitude?

Attitude doesn't really have a place in Social Media. And soon, it won't have a place in the executive suites either as the younger generation gets there. So if you want to get your way, move up the ladder or just show your boss how you can help them, get more social, find new business or generate more new ideas and beat your competition.

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