Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sametime Media Manager Needs a Dedicated NIC

This may seem obvious to many, but the truth is customers don't always think about this one.

Sametime 8.5.1 installation, 8.5.2 is out now, at a client site.
They used 3 VM partitions and separated everything accordingly.

One problem. Audio was horribly inconsistent. Recorded sessions were impossible to understand.

What was wrong? First guess was the best guess, hardware.

If everything works properly, and it seems to be the case, then what is the hardware story.

As it turns out the VM had dual cores and 4GB RAM. More than enough for the test environment and depending on usage even for production.

What it also had was 1, yes 1 NIC for about 4 servers. Even at 1GB NICs that isn't very fair is it?

My friend Wes, he gave some great sessions at Lotusphere 2011 about my favorite subject, troubleshooting, knows a few things about Sametime. Wes suggested we try to get a separate NIC.

Luckily we could. Once all the VMs had been adjusted, cables swapped and all we tested and sure enough all was good for UAT (user acceptance testing).

More to come as we tweak their setup. They did a great job putting it all together. We have some more fun coming with them soon and maybe some more pieces of interest will emerge.

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