Friday, June 24, 2011

My Quickr Session at The View Admin 2011 Conference

I showed a qpconfig.xml file that was broken up by sub topics in a word document and it was nearly 60 pages!

The interest in having a doc like this was pretty high so I am making this available for everyone.

I may have some posts in the future discussing each sub section but no promises.

Everyone that came to the session were great Quickr people, one lucky person got a copy of my Packt book too.

One person commented that he ONLY came to the show because of this session and I hope I did not disappoint him. The nice thing about the Yellowverse is every one helps each other. Thanks everyone again for coming and to your management for investing in your future so you can invest in your companies future.

There are about 30 subsections. I have tried to clean up the details to be in synch but not everything formats well, but it is good enough.

Get the version in .doc or .odt

The doc version is 8x larger than the odt file.

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