Monday, May 30, 2011

Welcome to Troubleshooting Sametime Week

This week is Sametime Troubleshooting week for us.

Tuesday we are on site all day to resolve ST 8.5.1 issues where business cards are not working and there is a delay by a few seconds between sound in online meetings.

This holiday weekend I was moving a client's ST 801 server off of VM to a new nonVM server. Ran into a problem afterward where we lost HTTP access for ST. While I am not sure exactly what was different, the server is known by various names for historical reasons and possibly we have a DNS issue to narrow down.

This IBM technote, #1176728, resolved it very simply. Note it is useful for ALL versions from 7.0 up to 8.5.1.

Along with this is an upgrade to Traveler which we had an issue yet to be cleared. While unpacking the file we got an error message about "Please select another location" and we await a new download to try again.

The Fun of it all. And then there was my accidental blocking of our internet password for accessing a client site. Easily cleared but amusing nonetheless.

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