Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sending the Elevator Back Down Today

This morning I am spending my time with senior high school students from Miami Central High School. Some of you may recognize the name from when President Obama visited them in March.

This is a magnet school that has raised their levels from the lowest level to a C level. A huge gain, for the staff and the students in a short time. They are on their way to bigger and better things.

While I have been a part of the South Florida technology community almost since I returned to Florida 10 years ago, the community has changed just like the rest of the world. Today the umbrella organization, the South Florida Technology Alliance, is the primary IT community remaining. Various groups are a part of the SFTA, one such group, IT Women, accepted my offer to help them with the event today.

What has slowly been changing as well is the expectation we, the IT community, hold for the next generation of students who will also become employees soon enough.

With this in mind, the IT Women organization had asked for help with the students and their mock interviews to help them prepare for their upcoming internships or job interviews. I volunteered to help, not expecting to be the main presenter, but to assist in the mocks. To my delight and surprise, Sherry Giordano, Executive Director of the IT Women organization asked me to give the students some insight and advice.

The slides are a bit more textual, but it is an informative session for the students. Will follow up later today or tomorrow with my experiences. If you are interested in a similar event or found this looking for advice for your high school students, you can get the slides here.

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