Monday, May 2, 2011

No Phone and No Internet, but Bin Laden Got work done

sadly Somehow and that probably shocks so many Westerners who can't imagine being disconnected for even a few minutes.
Sadly it worked for him too ... for years.
But how did he get intelligence reports? Did he even care?
Was he a true CEO, so far removed from the front lines that the only thing that mattered was him and his thoughts and it mattered little whether they were winning or losing their battles?
Or was he the CEO thinker type? Preferring to be introverted and accomplish his work in the background?

Naturally he wasn't checking in on Foursquare or Gowalla or Facebook or Twitter but no doubt coded messages did get distributed through some intermediaries, probably through some of these and other countless systems. Intelligence gathering is endless, thus why IBM is betting so big on analytics. The sheer numbers of data crunching makes it impossible for anything but a computer to sort it all out. But interpreting the data correctly is still important.

Sure he was wanted and hunted by everyone, well, except the Pakistan government it seems. And he knew very well that any phone or internet would give him away. So without the distractions he could make his grandiose plans.

Not that this could have been seen as coming. The US security and military teams did an excellent job of keeping this all quiet. But if you think like a Poker player for a second, was the US being quieter about Osama since they found out where he was hiding? If so, would he have realized this as a bad sign and high tailed it to a new hiding place?

So maybe not being plugged in, even a little bit, was his downfall? Businesses that still refuse to pay attention to the online world in all its forms are missing out on information that could help them.

Congratulations to President Obama for not just "bombing the site to kingdom come" but finding a way to get the body and proof. I trust at some point the video/photos will be released, else the conspiracy theorists will come out.

Thanks to all the military personnel that were part of it and hope you all get to come home to your families sooner than later because of it.

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