Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Microsoft to Buy RIM after Absorbing Nokia

Back in July 2008 I posted this.

What if the wrong messaging server buys RIM?

What if Microsoft buys RIM? Micorosft already has Nokia in their pocket so we could see the perfect device.
A UI designed by Nokia.
A form factor designed by RIM.
An OS designed by Google. No one wants a Wiindows Mobile OS. Maybe they tossed Symbian a bit too early?

And with RIM supporting multiple devices now, this would be a great opportunity...for Microsoft. That is, if they really want to own the mobile messaging and application space.

RIM has been buying some smaller niche companies that could be leveraged better by a company that owns the messaging infrastructure. IBM would be nice to see from my eyes, but at this point it looks more like Microsoft.

The announcement that Bing would be on the Playbook's just is another effort by RIM to find some cash in a down market for themselves.

Having used a 7 inch tablet for a while now I prefer the larger iPad size, but the applications RIM has for everyone may make up for the size factor. In this case, size does matter.

But if there was an opportunity for RIM to move forward, it will have to be with someone else, like Novell, sometimes the future can be better with new management and more importantly money.


  1. I have thought about that possibility too but currently RIM is very expensive. With market cap of 25B and high free float the purchase price would probably be in the range of 40B.
    Market cap would need to further decline to something like 15B.
    IBM normally don't want to compete with consumer brands. I would be very surprised if they throw their hat in the ring.

  2. Scary, yes, but makes sense.
    As Henning said IBM is not likely to go this route.
    RIm is a bit expensive right now which probably does put potential buyers off, but there are other ways to accomplish this. as we saw with Symbian disappearing.