Thursday, April 21, 2011

200+ messages and only 4 are kept?

Just turned my phone on and Traveler downloaded over 200 emails to it.
This is what I get for 2 days of not turning it on due to the Passover holiday  that started Monday night.

But really, only 4 were kept? I think my friend Luis Suarez is on the right track, email is really not helpful anymore.

Granted some I replied to or added to a calendar and some are just backup notifications and other similar admin items. Still, that is a lot of wasted time for emails.

My personal account only had 40 emails, kept 3 of them. I have been much better at cleaning my personal email out of unnecessary messages. Killing all the sales/coupons and "advanced sales" helps immensely.

But I really want to setup a mail rule to kill all these webinar invitations, yet keep the IBM ones. I don't mind getting invites from companies/people I know and have a relationship with already. The rest of you out there should start bribing people better if you think your webinar is really that great that we should drop everything else to waste 30-60 minutes or more on you.

To help you, here are the requests my wife prefers an iPad and my kids prefer iTouchs or iPods. I only accept Pinball machines as bribes or the NFL Blitz Arcade game 99-2002 versions.

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