Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sidebar Apps and Portability

About a year ago, I posted this post which had 15+ sidebar apps to think about. Since then numerous more have been crated, added or designed by the greater world at large, not just the Yellow Bubble.

Not going to create a new list but suffice it to say Tungle, Gist(recently purchased by RIM and the Lotus plugin is now dropped from their site as of Feb 2011),  Linkedin, Recon, File Navigator, Wildfire are ones I use regularly.

No question these have been a great enhancement to the Notes clients. Great things come in small packages.
And if you are not using these, or teaching employees or customers how to leverage them, you are hurting your clients/employers. Sure there are reasons some people do not want to do it, but those with horses and buggy whips can wait outside.

However, when you need to rebuild a client or laptop or just move everything, unless you can get a cloned drive you will fall into this dilemma. How does one save/move existing sidebar apps that have been installed?

You see unlike Bookmarks or the desktop which have specific files that maintain all of the UI data, there is nothing as simple on the Eclipse side. Welcome to the double edge sword of Eclipse. With great options and benefits come some questionable benefits to life as an admin or developer.

So the IT staff could enable apps in the Update Site and the Widget Catalog and push them out via policies, but that seems a bit heavy handed doesn't it?

Why could the installed files not be installed into an updatesite file on the client side?
Even if there are pointer/directory issues, the db should be self contained so it could be reconfigured to just find the Notes path.

So as I sit here and wait for reinstalls and reboots, someone out there have a better way to make these portable?


  1. I want the heavy hand. The siteupdate only affects plug-ins so that is seamless. You get everything back based on controls in the site update.

    The widget catalog is local and you could move that. But beware some sneaky developers push a widget that pulls a plug-in (fully supported). So in essence you do have the database and site.

    I know we traded on Twitter. With the catalog I want it locked down. I can push certain widgets, use a policy for site updates and give you everything back as a background process. Exactly the reason the entire client should be eclipse based. That is what is missing in the core. The ability to send out small incremental updates (like a widget) would be welcomed.

    So move the local toolbox.nsf or whatever you called it and have that as a start.,

  2. Chris, Yes we discussed it and while I get all of it, I just wish it would be simpler.
    Yes, a minipolicy would also be cool so one could just make basic changes.
    I was thinking about a client that swaps out 500 or so laptops a year from leases. That is painful.
    Plus as I just found out, some of my plugins are dead or no longer accessible. Such is life in the big city.