Friday, February 4, 2011

One Special Session at Lotusphere 2011

No, this isn't about the students, but god knows they should have been at the session I am about to discuss. In fact, part of this session should be the opening act at the OGS for LS12.

Late on Wednesday there was a session done by someone who will probably live in Lotusphere lore.

The Title of the session was BP106 Titled "Where is the Love? How to get Your Users to fall in Love with IBM Lotus Notes".

By Mat Newman, which is Australian for Master Presenter.

A very packed room filled with everyone from IBMers to customers to bloggers and no doubt Microsoft people, if they were still there.

Mat proceeded to remind us all that we could do our jobs better to help people but aside from his guidelines which were simple enough to follow, he put on a 10-15 minute overview of what a Lotus Notes client can do....without discussing email at all.

Most people have a hard time expressing what can be done with Notes which is why, I and others usually like to explain and show the different ways to work and enhance your daily routines.

Yes his energy was everywhere, fueled by his yellow suit and the energy in the room he hit on:
sidebar apps
enabling widgets
live text connecting with Google maps
basic keyboard strokes like ctrl-home and ctrl-end
copy selected as table
what a journal/notebook is for
search ideas, UI nuances not everyone plays with

And so much more. While I know some one that videotaped it, hopefully the demo part will be posted someplace, I will update this post with it, if someone points me to it.

If you were not there all I can say is hopefully Mat will do it again next year.

Thanks Mat, safe travels.


  1. From one evangelist to another ... Thanks Keith!

    Getting to know everyone better this year was outstanding.

    Having the opportunity at #LS11 to do what I do - give people an injection of yellow - and have so many people comment about my session in such a positive light has simply blown me away.

    Looking forward to seeing you again next year :-)

    Hugs! (you know there will be)


  2. I would like to spread the compliment to the Idol winner Mark Myers, who showed love to the RAD Model and programming on Domino for Developers.

  3. oops, forgot to mention the hugs. But will you give them to every person in the room next year?

    @Andreas, I am sorry I missed Mark's session but starting to hear about it more. Sounded excellent as well.

  4. And Keith ... THANKS!

    You KNOW what I mean. Stepping up like that to help out is what our community is all about.

    There will be hugs :-)