Friday, February 25, 2011

How to Install Domino for Quickr 8.5

This is taken from the book I co-authored, link is on the right side of the screen.

While this is not the only way to install Domino, it follows a basic pattern and for anyone new or stuck here you are.

This link will take you to the Packt Publishing page for more details.

Follow these steps to setup a Domino server:
  1. Clicking on the desktop icon for the Lotus Domino Server will start the setup process:
    How to Set Up IBM Lotus Domino Server
  2. After the splash screen goes away the setup process will begin, click on the Next button:
    (Move the mouse over the image to enlarge.)
  3. The first screen of the setup asks if this is the first server in the domain or will it be joining an existing Domino domain:
  4. We will be adding this server into an existing domain for the purpose of this illustration. Click on the Next button to continue:
  5. Now you will need to locate the server ID file you created for this new server. Click on the Browse button to locate the file, then click on the Next button:
  6. Once you have selected the ID, the setup program recognizes the defined Domino name for the server. Click on Next to continue:
  7. Select the services required for this Domino server, that will be running Quickr. You can then click on Customize to review other Domino services:
  8. Next you can configure your ports and set a hostname (which should be the fully qualified domain name) by clicking on Customize:
  9. As seen in the following screenshot, you can disable NetBIOS if it is not required in your network. You should also check the boxes to encrypt and compress network traffic and enter the fully qualified domain name of the server. These settings will be incorporated into the server document, which is in the directory. Click on OK to go back to the previous screen and see your changes.
  10. Verify your settings and then click on Next to continue the setup process.
  11. Now name the primary Domino server, that has the directory you want the new server to be using. Enter the Domino name or you may enter the IP address or the fully qualified name. Click on the Next button when you are ready to move forward:
  12. Next you will need to select the option to set the server to use the directory as a Primary directory and then click on Next to continue.
  13. The setup process now asks if you want it to set some security related items automatically. Leave both options checked and click on the Next button:
  14. Finally, review the options which you have selected and if you are happy, click on Setup to complete the setup of the Domino server:
  15. You should see a pop up window similar to the following one during this process:
    How to Set Up IBM Lotus Domino Server
  16. Once completed, you will receive the Congratulations message, click on the Finish button.

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