Wednesday, February 9, 2011

LotusLive, good for what connects you

I have discussed it before but one of the things I like about LotusLive is that everything is in one place and interacts with each other.

You do not need to remember multiple passwords, nor do you need to remember where you left that file last month.

When you look at it from an online meeting discussion, yes it does not do everything a full IBM  Sametime solution does, but what you get for your $6/month(LotusLive Meetings) is superior to what you get from webex...and they charge $49/month. Inside the LotusLive Suite which costs a whopping $10 (LotusLive Collaboration and Meeting Suite)offering you get some parts of IBM Connections, plus secure file sharing, plus email, plus calendar/scheduling, plus plus separate housing for your company not shared spaces. You can even do a hybrid model between you and the IBM Cloud. Now that is control as well as quite an offer. We can help you with this, just ask me how.

By the way, you probably have no idea how many people in your company are paying the Webex monthly fees, find out, the truth may be shocking.

So we can reduce your costs, one just one item, by 75% or more, shouldn't you look at our other offerings as well? We can help you reduce next month's bills today...even if you Exchange, Groupwise or Gmail.

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