Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tethering and Modern Times

It used to be that one could use their GSM chip in a nice pcmcia style device to connect to anything, for free.
Someplace that broke in the world.
So I called AT&T and asked what gives and they said I had to sign up for tethering.
Because we don't pay them enough now to give us data and calls and sms?

So my poor Tilt-2 still wouldn't work until I changed a registry entry that is hard coded by At&T incorrectly.

Changed HKLM\Comm\InternetSharing\Settings\ForceCellConnection to "MEdia Net" and it worked.

And so now I am posting from my tethered laptop via EDGE or 3G or nothing.

It seems Amtrak's auto train does not have WiFi. Shame on them.

But what's 18 hours among friends right?


  1. I had a similar thing happen. I have unlimited data on my Berry through T-Mobile USA, but when I moved from my 8800 to my new 9700 in January, and then was on the road and encountered a problem with tethering on the new 3G beast, I was told that they "no longer supported tethering a Blackberry."

    As we all know, "we don't support it" isn't the same as "it doesn't work," but what threw me was this: the TM rep gave me a URL on T-Mobile's own user forum, a site they host!!!!! to get the information on how to config my Apple and my Berry to talk to each other so I could do what I'd done since 2004!!!!

    Even weirder: the TM rep herself could not access that site! I was in a remote area and I figured, hey, girl, just read me the settings, it'll be great!


    Stuff like that makes me want to tase the living crap out of marketing "executives."

  2. Yep, sounds like you had my conversation to a T.
    Luckily i found what I needed online but they don't make it easy.
    AT&T said they can't help me they had to give me to HTC...for a problem AT&T created to start!
    Excellent knowledge management there.