Friday, August 27, 2010

An Invasion of Privacy by Citibank and AT&T

Dear Citibank and AT&T,

If you robocall someone, ask for their name and zip code, which is not that hard to produce for criminals and then ask for me to speak to someone to assist me, they should be able to let me know what account # we are discussing BEFORE asking me for real information like Social Security #, birth date or my bank details.

I asked for them to let me know which card(we have a few between corp and personnel) it is, tell me the last 4 digits of the card or the last digits of one of our accounts, but they are unable to comply unless I give out my details?! YOU CALLED ME!

So you get to invade my privacy and request personnel information BEFORE your people can tell me anything? and you expect me or anyone else to believe you are Citibank or whatever?

The person suggested I call back the number on the back of my card, I asked, which card, they can't tell me.

Thank you,

A not very happy customer


  1. I hate it when they call you and ask for the last 4 digits of your SSN, I tell em that I wont get it and they tell me they can't speak to me.

    I tell them fine, you called me.

  2. Agreed. She gave me her name and ID..because I have an LDAP lookup into their directory?
    Banks don't get privacy laws, nor do under 25's.

  3. Thats bad, but nothing compared to a little survey that is being circulated by our friends at the census bureau. Its called the American Community Survey. Google it, the questionnaire is extremely intrusive and the government says the you are compelled to respond and can be fined for refusal.