Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Have you seen our Exchange Server?

Neither have we...for 2 days! And then we lost ALL of our email?

Not ours, we don't use that Exchange puzzle of a system. This was from a friend of mine who is in the business of keeping people up with generators and UPS units..Large UPS units.

Goes to show that just because one is in the industry does not mean one practices what they preach.

Told him they should have called us, we could have had them up within an hour or 2 if their IT people worked with us. Full webmail, calendar and (if required)mobile clients(sorry Blackberry People no hot spare BES laying around) access, even provide secure Instant Messaging if necessary.

Sure we couldn't do anything about past emails or meeting details but at least the executives and sales people could still be working and making money. And your IT staff can be focused on their task.

This is just another example of how robust Lotus Domino is that you can be up and running, admittedly in an emergency basis, but running securely and efficiently.
Could you do the same using Exchange? Possibly, but if so, then why doesn't anyone ever do it that way? Why is it we always hear about a day or days of outage?

Think out of the box, there are alternatives usually.

So if you are reading this because your Exchange server crashed...again..or Outlook is down for some unknown reason until further notice, contact us and we will get every executive and top tier manager back online in less than 2 hours.

Everyone registered. The only wait beyond the 2 hours is for the mail boxes to be created which just depends on how many users you want to provide email.

So if this is you, and you are in need, click here to contact us via web or get a hold of me from one of the ways on the top of the blog page.

Before others suggest this makes Domino sound cheap or easy, it is not meant to replace a proper defined environment, but we have systems in place for this situation which are available at that last minute.

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