Friday, August 20, 2010

Projects Concord and Vulcan at MWLUG

David Via just showed the people in his session project Vulcan and Concord.

Have to say Concord is very impressive watching it work. Smooth and quick, enhanced functionality and no lag between edits of coworkers live, compared to my experience with Google apps online. The key to speed is once connected, everything is running locally for you, that and the underlying code.

Yes it's beta and what we saw may not survive but if I had access to it in my beta of LotusLive I could make great use of it today, internally and externally.

Vulcan on the other hand is not so swift as Concord, but it is doing a million things. It is pulling details from all over, integrating into back end systems, xpages apps and of course sametime, email and connections pieces.

A true home page which if the speed can be improved(we had bad wifi, so it may not all be Vulcan's fault) would truly make Facebook look ancient as far as real time integration.

We are still a ways off from both seeing the light of day but as David said, 'These are "Show Cars" not exactly what the end product will be, more a direction of thinking.

Keep thinking this way and how will anyone not want it?


  1. Where are the secret spy shots? You know the fuzzy you can almost make out what they look like kind?

  2. Sorry Mark we must respect IBM's wishes. But I did get some shots from the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame i can share sometime.