Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fonts getting larger with every reply? Thoughts?

A quirky problem arose, and while I didn't think much about it at the time, it is becoming a problem.

Client, who emails IBMers quite a bit, and only the one person in the office sees this, has emails that progressively get larger and larger fonts as the emails go back and forth. Today's was 22 pages, shrunk down to 7 after we fixed it.

An odd situation if ever I saw one.

So far, unable to fully resolve it, but there is a technote, #1099606 ​that specifies that this was NOT RESOLVED IN R6 or R7.

Can any IBMers please let me know if this was resolved in R8.x?

Other suggestions I found include:

1- on the "Edit Current" check if the format of the text is "MIME" or "Notes Editor " then change it to either one and then try

2- on the "File" ==> "Preferences" check if the emails editor is " Word" or "notepad" then again change it to either one

3- when you receive an email right-click it and then check what is defined over there the Encoding is it "European" or what

We do not believe this is a Notes client issue per se, but still looking into it.


  1. It's an issue that I've been seeing with Notes since release 5 so it's been around a while. I haven't looked at it for a while but I seem to remember this being a MIME encoding/decoding related issue as it only occurred for us when sending e-mails outside the Notes environment. Not much help but at least you're not alone :-)

  2. Same thing here. This is an issue we see happening more than just every now and then. Never came to a solution and users do not understand then when you tell them that there is nothing you can do about it. Cannot imagine otherwise than that other ND shops must experience the same issue.

  3. Dear LotusEvangelist,

    Reading "What's new in 8.5.2" at Infocenter:

    I can read:

    Email interoperability and HTML font size

    An issue with dynamically increasing HTML text font size in Lotus Notes mail messages has been resolved. As part of this solution, the "HTML Size" value set in the Configuration settings policy document is now ignored; the value is fixed at 12. For reference, navigation to this setting is as follows:
    From the Domino Administrator, click the Configuration tab, expand the Messaging section, and click Configurations.
    Select the Configuration Settings document for the desired mail server and click Edit Configuration.
    Click the MIME - Settings by Character Set Groups tab. The option is available in the Inbound Message Options - Font Options section.


    Albert Buendia

  4. Makes sense that this is a mime issue as outlook has had/does have this problem too. If you google for it you find many such incidents. In general, we have had this problem with clients on outlook.

  5. @Albert thanks for finding it in the docs, now to get their server updated.

    For everyone else thanks for letting me know its not just us, although it ONLY happens to one persons mail. Just odd.