Monday, August 16, 2010

Last minute MWLUG DDM Session help

If You Only Knew What Your Server Was Saying - INF101 - Thursday 11am-12pm
Abstract: Your server is crying out in pain and you ignore it. Daily, hourly it suffers in silence because you do not let it talk. You know it can talk, right? Then you turn it on and it talks, non stop. So you shut it off again. Let me spend some time on what it is saying to you and understand what is important and how to customize it to make your life better and keep your server and employees happier.

My session on DDM is not exactly a best practices, but more a how to work with it, understand it session for those who either never go inside/under the covers but use it or those who have no idea how to use it

While I have a number of items, I was looking for other issues you have seen or been emailed by the system which are vague or questionable warnings.

Or for that matter anything you wish it told you beforehand?

Just wondering if I am missing anything.

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