Wednesday, February 3, 2010

SSI and it's not about SSL

SSI stands for server side includes.

I am not a developer but general website work I do perform. And recently we moved a domain to our web server and ran into some problems.

The problem is Domino and how you format these.

It took quite a bit of effort to sort out but the ">technote, #1162842. You also need this technote as well, #1084915 to fix your httpd.cnf file.

Syntax, got to love the syntax formatting but suffice it to say you MUST create an includes directory in your html sub directory and the file calling the SSI must be in .shtml format.

It took me a while but the code must look like this in your html file, which you have given an .shtml extension. So your index.html file becomes index.shtml and your footer file, in this example, becomes footerinfo.shtml

<!--#include file="includes/footerinfo.shtml"-->

This is basic HTML files, no Domino db. Lots of pages involved so if there is a better cleaner way to clean up the old ASP codes let me know.

The problem is Firefox can not see the SSI and IE7 shows it properly.

Thanks to Bruce Lill for his help in explaining it further but I await IBM's answer about what is wrong with Domino 8.5.1 and how to fix this. Anyone have some input it is appreciated.

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