Monday, February 15, 2010

DAOS Rocks again, 2 clients details

A sampling of data from one client.

8 of the largest files were run today as a proof test and the results were the following:

Space saved % saved of mail file
3,023,524,000 79
773,532,000 17
1,712,269,000 40
15,903,000 16
512,000 4
72,386,000 7
15,611,000 28
2,412,858,000 51

Low of 4% to a high of 79%

Average for these was 891,843,889 per mail file saved or about 27 % per mail file.

Almost a GB per person saved is a good start we think.
Of course the new server has a TB, the old one 80GB.

Looking to put all of them on and then get a final number.

Second Client saw this when we moved them this week, 18 executives files:

Physical size Originally: 15,987,641,383
Logical Size After DAOS: 1,778,384,896

DAOS: 14,209,256,487
Percent Saved: 73%

Some as much as 92 and a low of 30 % reduction.

Putting this into perspective in a 1,000 or 10,000 user mail system will provide huge benefits in reduced server tasks processing time at night, backups, SAN storage and of course bandwidth traffic in general.


  1. It's worth reviewing this:

    I had a great success story too but a few months later came close to running out of disk space.

    I Added the notes.ini DAOS_RESYNC_CHECKPOINT_INTERVAL=1000000
    rebooted the server and ran a resync and prune to free up the missing disk space.

    Hope this helps others.