Thursday, February 11, 2010

Continuing on With an R5 to 851 Upgrade

So we got the server squared away...sort of.

It seems, unknown to us, that an individual we were asked to remove from the system was an old administrator. Admins are already shaking their head, they know what is coming next.

Yes, the person had signed everything...that the current admin had not.
Evidently even the names.nsf. So naturally everyone suddenly could not get to the server or open the NAB among other calls we received.

Quick answer was to sign the names.nsf with the server ID. We subsequently created an application ID and starting signing all the applications.

The fun of a 10 year old environment.

Next up was the clients updates. On a hunch, I decided, after backing up a user's notes installation, this was R5.0.7, to just let 851 install over it.

I know some people do not like this and there are valid points but the customer preferred it this way...if it worked.

Happy to say it did work, perfectly well too I might add.

Only thing we had to do was configure preferences and some pointers for the new server, connection document etc.

However one peculiarity popped up, totally not a Lotus issue, but it prevented installation.

Error 1330 and a winverify error for A few searches eventually revealed the problem to be a specific dll which needed to be Windows registered.
So open a command prompt and type: regsvr32 initpki.dll

Wait for it to pop up with a window saying it's been added then proceed.

I started testing each machine, after 2 in a row had this problem, by upgrading everyone's Java code from That also threw the error, prior to the regsrvr fix.

So then install Java and if that is okay, do the Notes install.

If you still have a problem, check the Windows Update and make sure their root certificates have not expired, among the other countless patches. This cured another machine.

So the moral of the story is old server can equal old clients and peculiar configurations which make for more fun at your clients. But now you have a fix for it as well.

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