Wednesday, February 3, 2010

SnTT - Reminders for those Upgrading from R5

Yes, I said R5, 5.0.9a to be exact.

I have been quiet for a few days as I have been off site reminding myself why I hate Windows 2008 and why I loved R5.

Windows 2008 seems to not be configured for SMBs out of the box. No surprise there.
But when it is a stand alone server so to speak in an SMB(should have gone Foundations in this case, but that's a whole other post for some other time) well it just takes a little longer to make it useful, say compared to Win 2003 or even 2000. This is now the 2nd server like this in 2 weeks, so if someone has some better advice I will pass it along to the server builders.

First if you want the new server to see the old server, or anything else, you have to enable some Services like UpnP and Computer Browser. And Netbios will help too.
Make sure network discovery is enabled on the windows 2008 machine too so others can find it, like this poor old Windows 2000 R5 server.

Now that R5 server in this case was setup with some odd settings. For instance, a made up FQHN (Fully Qualified Host name). Because they weren't using it for web mail or web apps(they do use it for email and apps just not web).
So when you go to build your new server(in place upgrade was not likely given the new hardware and other reasons) you probably think you can just enter the old server name and get the NAB? In this case you would be wrong.

You see IBM decided that these days everyone uses a web server or some other reason for a FQHN and now will not talk to the older server, no matter what IP, name or anything you try IF the FQHN is not valid. What is worse is if you try to tell the new server to get the copy of the NAB you have in a file or on a still demands a server name and FQHN to work!

OK, even knowing that(it's in the info centers of R8 admin)it would never occur to me, or you probably, that the name in the field in the server doc was....invalid! Dead, not used, not even in the domain! So I started thinking way back to R5 time and how we used to build servers. Which to be fair isn't much different today, but in this case saved me some time.

The Domino server name did not match the computer name which in turn did not match anything else. The Port name is what helped. Copied the port name to the FQHN field and restarted the server and poof, all completed.

No more 20% complete and server not responding error.

Between these 2 things I spent the better part of the afternoon. Oh and then their firewall which is out of date and support and maintenance would not let me see the server from the web to test traveler or webmail. I tested them using Wifi and my phone but we took more time to figure out the firewall. Remember this, if you find a R5 server in the wilderness, you will also find the equivalent firewall, pcs, routers and switches from 5-10 years ago. So load up on memory, ancient memory, and just go do it but think before you leap as the old configuration really worked well and you have to reconfigure it for the modern era.

There is also a long discussion going on about how they use Domino for outgoing emails only and they use an outside ISP for incoming and use Notes as their email. We are moving it all back to Domino but I never cease to be amazed at the configurations I find.

DAOS will be a big bonus for them in time as will the new switch they have to get after we found the one we were using was only doing 33kb/sec. No wonder they thought the mail server was slow. Now it moves at 10-15MB/sec while we reconfigure the hardware. Sometimes it's really NOT Domino's fault.

And yes, the iPhone CEO is really happy with traveler.


  1. Wow, I couldn't agree more about Windows 2008! It certainly does seem to take longer to get things going nicely.

    And, not really for Domino, but if you ever find yourself dealing with ISA server, and Auto discovery of its clients, (WPAD entries) - be warned - the DNS in Windows 2008 has "wpad" as a DEFAULT blacklisted entry - why they chose to do that is well beyond me, and the documentation that states it works if you do an upgrade are just wrong.

  2. @Joseph it's the little things that make us pull our hair out