Thursday, February 18, 2010

How long does it take you to make a User ID?

This one is for those of you billing hourly.

In truth I have seen it take seconds to a few minutes, average probably is about 1-2 minutes depending on machine, network, etc.

BUT today I, and IBM Priority support, experienced THE definitive hands down winner for the longest time waiting for an ID and mailbox to be created. (I know some of you have similar stories, so just comment and join in).

From the moment I clicked Register(7.0.2 client to an 8.5 server and they are in 2 different locations by about 50 miles) to the time I received the success pop up window was a whopping 80 minutes (+/-)! One would think I was on a modem from 1995 not 2010 T-1 lines.

Needless to say I let IBM off the hook after 40 but there was a reason for this and once we solve that problem will post about it.

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  1. Creating a user id normally takes only a few seconds. However, the registration process involves more than just creating the user id. The creation of the mail file is usually the time intensive process because it generates a HUGE number of RPC calls between the Administrator client and the server. Using a DSL connection between the client and the server, it can take several minutes to create the mail file. It would be faster if the mail file was created by a process running on the server, instead of by code running on the Administrator client.