Thursday, July 30, 2009

SnTT - Sometimes I hate AntiVirus programs

Won't say which yellow companies anti-virus product hosed my netbook, but it comes pre-installed on a 30 day trial or whatever.

I will say that the problem we saw was the following:
1) IE/FF could not surf HTTPS sites. Chrome could.
2) Then after troubleshooting more, no browsers could surf. But we could Ping the internet.

I knew in the back of my head that removing Nort, um the yellow program, was the culprit. But one must get the EXACT uninstall and cleaner program.

Found it, ran it, and now all is back to normal.

So it took a while but I eventually found this page: Full of links to uninstall Anti-Virus programs.

Or if you are lazy or they drop that page here they are:

To totally uninstall Avast have a look @ this link []

To clear Avira AntiVir registry entries use the Avira AntiVir Registry Cleaner available from here [] ... after clearing the registry entries... restart the system and then manually remove any other Avira files that were left.

BitDefender Antivirus Removal Tool: Download the BitDefender Uninstall Tool.

First right-click on the red BitDefender icon near the system tray choose on Exit.

Wait a few seconds. Afterwards double-click on the BitDefender uninstall tool.

You will need to reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.

To totally uninstall F-Secure have a look @ this link []

To totally uninstall Kaspersky have a look @ this link []

To totally uninstall McAfee have a look @ this link []

To totally uninstall NAV (2003 & later) have a look @ this link []

To totally uninstall NAV (pre 2003) have a look @ this link []

To uninstall NOD32 use the Windows Add/Remove and follow up with the removal tool available here []

To uninstall Norman Virus Control / Norman Internet Control use the removal tool available here []

To totally uninstall Panda 2007 have a look @ this link []

To totally uninstall Panda 2008 have a look @ this link []

To totally uninstall PC-Cillin have a look @ this link []

Windows Live OneCare cleanup util have a look @ this link []


  1. I came across AVG many, many, many moons ago. And I've never looked at any other anti-virus products. In the years I've been running it, I can count the number of times I've had virus issues on one hand. OK Scratch that. I don't need a hand to count on. I've never had an issue.

    Even as a contractor taking my laptop onto client sites that were practially riddled with malware or allsorts, teh combination of AVG (teh free version) and ZoneAlarm (again, the free version) I have never had a problem.

    Of course it also helps that I use Lotus Notes as my mail system. :)

  2. Dragon, I agree entirely. I don't use Norton any more sadly, I miss when Peter Norton owned it.
    I use Avast, AVG on some others and a mix of various things from spybot to bits and pieces depending on which OS.
    But pay for anti-virus? You got to be kidding.

  3. Unfortunately AVG has also turned into bloatware.
    I used to like AVG a lot when it was still a fairly lightweight program that just did what it's supposed to do, but they've added everything but the kitchen sink to it, just like all the others have (anti-spam, firewall, script filtering etc.)

  4. Woonjas,
    Eventually they ALL turn in to bloatware. BUT look at it from the non-IT end user side, they want 1 thing to do everything, not 5 things.
    Having said that, everything was simpler years ago wasn't it?