Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Domino 851 has been spotted

I was helping Chris Toohey with an SSO problem while on the phone with Cisco about my Unity client(expect a post on THAT one).

And we saw this

Check the header!


  1. you mean you spotted a mention of 8.5.1

  2. I actually saw this on Monday via Google.

    Pretty much the entire Administrator Help file online, with various features having "8.5.1" next to them.

    I couldn't find the Designer "What's New." :-(

    But it looks like IBM pulled it.

  3. Sean, In this case I would venture the information has been updated somewhat, so not a mention but more a subliminal way of letting us know it is coming soon to a download site near us.

  4. http://openntf.org/help/help85_designer.nsf/Main?OpenFrameSet


  5. I could int to any number of people's beta servers running 851, this one just happened to be IBM's and the info center.