Monday, July 13, 2009

60% of 1,000 companies not going to Windows 7

6 in 10 companies not going to use Windows 2010.

Read the full article here from Yahoo!Tech.

CNBC had the original posting or so I was told, so here it is. Thanks to Johnny Smith, AKA HeyKoolaid3

Forty-two percent said their biggest reason for avoiding Windows 7 was a "lack of time and resources."

Word to the wise, if 1,000 companies were polled and 60% said no and many claimed money was a problem, where do you think those companies will be next year, if they last that long.

To be fair, some did say the effort to test 100's or thousands of applications was just not practical right now.

On the other hand, IBM continues to provide nearly(no one is perfect) complete backwards compatibility with their products in the Lotus world. So upgrading to the latest version, 8.5 today, 8.5.1 by Q4 or so, is really not a big deal.

As I and others have said many times, upgrading Domino is 15 minutes usually. So what are you waiting for?

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  1. And the 15 minutes includes making a cup of coffee, too (only 1, because it doesn't take any longer than that for the upgrade.)