Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Ad that wasn't there

IBM provides the Business Partners a place where we can design our own marketing materials.


The items we create MUST be approved prior to usage.

Here is a banner, as I produced it, mostly as a test and to understand the process.

I received a call from IBM asking if I was serious. Naturally I responded this was a test and really meant for my blogs more than posting to a national event website.
They should have seen the "legalese" I added to one of their emails for a campaign. that might be my next test.

This got me thinking, if I, or you, don't like IBM's marketing, they why not beat them at their own game? Use their tools(Hi Deb!) and make what you want, the way you want it to say or look. Just don't be surprised if they call you asking what you are doing.

If you don't see the ad, click here.


  1. IBM is strict with use of the logo and this isn't anything new.

    For example if you become certified you should get a nice detailed list of how you can use the logo and on what.

    Not the only company. Sun do the same.

  2. No, nothing new, but what works for IBM marketing doesn't necessarily work for the people I want to attract.
    I had no problem changing it, if asked, but would hate to plan an entire campaign only to find IBM doesn't like it.
    I don't like their campaigns but I don't get a say, even as a BP.