Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sametime and BES, not So Happy Together

Apologies to Flo and Eddie of The Turtles for stealing their song title

Sure, RIM and IBM do not like the idea of these 2 sharing space. But honestly, if you are going to offer SMBs the opportunity of using Sametime and Domino and a BES "Professional Edition" many servers do you think they will set it all up on? 3? ROTFLMAO!

Another SMB client of ours ran into problems, not unlike the other days post, after they installed this BES version on their 1 Domino server which happens to also have Sametime running on it because when you have 20-30 people you only need 1 server.

After rebooting Sametime stops working mysteriously. Not like this post, with the ini setting change, but something deeper in the JVM, or so I believe. Any thoughts are welcome.

The only way I and IBM support work around it is to reinstall the Sametime code and then HARD REBOOT the physical server and all is well. Really it is.

I hate when someone says reinstall it and it will clear it up because it doesn't usually, but int his case it is the only way and really takes about 15 minutes including reboots.

So before you install Sametime on a BES server or vice versa, remember these posts and save yourself a 1/2 day of Troubleshooting.


  1. I think BES turns something off in via the notes.ini during the install, and the Sametime install flipped something back on in the ini.

  2. That was my thinking too, but none of the usual suspect ini settings jumped out as "off".
    Next time I will do a better comparison for testing.

  3. Change HTTPDisableJVM=1 to

  4. Anonymous,
    If you had followed my links to the other posts you would see that I know about this ini setting and it was not the culprit this time.
    Thank You anyway.