Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My 200th Blog Post

Who knew it would last this long or keep going for that matter.
When you start writing you never really think it will keep going, I mean how much can one person really have to say after all, right?
Luckily the technology world is not stagnant and there is always something to talk about.
I want to provide some insight to what I see from my analytics/woopra.

Firefox 3 is the top browser, 2 to 1 over IE7
XP is the top client 4 to 1 over Vista
1280 x 1024 is the primary way you like to view your screen
And German and French are my #2 languages of readers
PlanetLotus still provides much of my readers, but twitter is closing the gap slowly
While the US and UK are #1 and #2 countries, #3 is Unknown. I think I'd like to live there. You guys are so security minded.

Evidently WAY many more IBM support staff read blogs than any of us realize. My post about IBM Support were the largest viewership I have seen in months.

Thank you for reading! And looking forward to the future.

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