Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lotus/IBM Support Something you should know

IBM give these guys alogo already will you, nothing come sup in Google even
Note to IBM, make the Support teams have some logo, nothing on the IBM site for it that i could find. Even an orange circle with an H inside would be nice.

Many years ago they were the best when you needed help. Then like many organizations do they had some trouble spots along the way, but I am happy to say they are back in full swing and really worth their money.

But you should remember they are just like you, and you may have been one of them once, or still are in some ways, so be kind, be nice, help them too if you can and listen to their ideas, especially if you are out of them.

1st thing to know is always have IBM Support on speed dial.

2nd thing is DO NOT HARASS them until you have done at least 5 things first on your own to trouble shoot the problem, otherwise they will probably make fun of you in their weekly meetings.

In general if you can't come up with 5 things to check for any problem, I teach classes in general troubleshooting and of course specifically about Domino too when asked. Yes, pinging someone is preferable over the lazy web way of twittering for an answer. We are all here to help, just ask us.

Seriously though Lotus Support is very good these days and better at raising a flag to the developers if necessary so go ahead try them again. I am sure they don't make fun of you, well, okay, maybe some of you, even me!. You know sometimes your brain goes fuzzy, too many things on your plate, the game is on in 45 minutes, significant other is know we all have reasons that we need an answer NOW.

Here are basic guidelines:
NEVER, EVER call and say it's a Level 1 unless your server is really DOA, finished, game over. It's just not fair to scream fire all the time.

Use level 2 for anything else that is amiss or odd, except questions.

Questions of general or what if or how about are Level 3. For instance does R8 accept importing from Excel instead of a wk3 spreadsheet. No it doesn't, stop bothering them.

And with that this PSA is over and I can go back to building demo's for Lotusphere.


  1. :) Thanks.

    I vote for the three guys in a charlies angels pose as the logo. ;)

  2. Actually Simon, I don't think they were guys ;-)

  3. I see Simon's point, but most guys would prefer the girls from Charlie's angels I think.
    Still there is no Logo for Support?

  4. well by guys I meant the those things in the logo. Not entirely sure what gender they are.