Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Name the DomCube and Provide Advice

Naturally I can not use the term Lotus and Domcube doesn't really roll off the tongue so I ask everyone to submit a name for it, a REAL name.(edited after Turtle's Tweets)
We have some ideas as well and the winner will get something yellow in return.
Cubino was nixed already
Cubomino or Cudomino maybe?

These are being built for backup, development, portability, exhibitions, showcases, conferences, schools, training exercises and more.

In addition and more importantly what price range would be most appropriate for a solution which included:
1)Portability (sell for DRP into SMB)
2)Quad Core or at least Dual-Core Processor of the latest Speed (other requests?)
3)4GB Ram minimum, Motherboard will do 8GB, we can go to 16GB for you extreme people
4)2 Hard Drives, base is 250GB SATA2 but will go up to 1TB each right now.
5)Video is motherboard based only, its a server, what did you expect?
6)DVD burner with Lightscribe and Dual side DVD burning
7) Yellow primary box, but red, blue are available too should you want a development or stage server too.
8) Yellow Keyboard and Mouse Optional and red or blue
9) Depending on configuration RAID capability will be available as well
10) Wireless cards can be included as an option as well

OS Choices:
1)DOS....just kidding
2) No OS - Some other Linux version perhaps down the road?
3) Windows Server 2003 or 2008
4) Lotus Foundations

Lotus Choices:
We will preload your Lotus Domino, Sametime, Quickr needs on the box if you desire or if you need servers built for clients for additional fees.

Of course if you want one for Lotusphere, let me know and it will be built and shipped within 7-10 days of ordering.


  1. How about Menhir!

    They stand in end like dominoes but are designed not to topple into each other - representing the stand alone / solidity of Foundations.

  2. It's a "Domino Box" right?

    How about dBox?

    Or Dom-in-box.

  3. Menhir sounds like something from Monty Python, amusing at least.

    Dbox? too simple, dom-in-box maybe ....

  4. How about:


    Domino Block?

  5. You're doing this all wrong, Keith.

    Short and snappy is just so... 1998.

    As IBM shows us, product names need to be really long, you know, like Keith Brookes' Yellow But Sometimes Blue Machine That Might Run Domino Or Foundations ;-)

    Or alternatively, how about the CSD (Cube Server for Domino - echoing the DSD from AS400 days) or even the CSD1352 as a full model number?

  6. Stuart, Excellent ideas, but WAll-E is already taken.
    Maybe I could name it HAL400 or something similar.