Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Harassing emails? Sexual content? Emails and IM

This may come as little surprise to any of my Lotus readers, but if you are new to Lotus or wonder why we champion it so strongly, especially for government organizations, read on.
My local paper, The Palm Beach Post posted this article on their website yesterday.

My immediate reaction was to laugh that it took over 3 months for the city to figure it out. Granted Domino does not check your websites from your browser although there are ways to do so.

The MTC(Mail Tracking Collector) task can be configured to monitor subject headings and report on them in a database or via email notifications.

If that doesn't sound like enough, how about one of the 15 or so reports the system can generate to let you know someone is wasting all your bandwidth, possibly with pictures or videos you don't approve of?

Either way, your Domino server can do many things for you, but only if you have an efficient administrator.

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