Friday, June 20, 2008

The CEO/CIO thinks free is a great idea and it is too!

The previous post was created to show a theory.
Namely that some people would say it's a bait and switch.
Or Microsoft people would claim they do this too, some would say they offer to give everything for free, but I won't go there.
Or Business people would say how can you do it for free.

Never said I would pay for your licenses, after all I am not IBM, nor would I cover your hardware.
Just that I would migrate your users off Exchange to Domino.
And I could do it in one day/night too.
Rolling out Notes to your employees is up to you, I will give them all webmail access immediately, plus their own blogs and a wiki for them to discuss the pros and cons of your decision.

Still not enough? How about automatic push email, Lotus Notes Traveler, with no other server required. Again ALL from one Lotus Domino box.

Want more? I have over 100 applications I can include and you can use at no cost to you for your internal employees to use, depending on YOUR needs.

EDITED after original Posting to include:

Plus a free Operating System, Lotus Foundations!

And finally, a 100% free Office Suite courtesy of Lotus Symphony for every user. So you can stop paying extra licenses to Microsoft for that as well.


I could go on, but, right I forgot, you love Exchange, Office, Windows and it is so useful you wouldn't dream of changing it for anything.

Microsoft can't do a simple one to one migration
Thank you for the graphic from here.

If companies don't believe something for free is worth anything, why do they consistently take Microsoft up on their offers of Free Exchange or Sharepoint or ahem, Vista.

The next time your CXO or a new one, comes in and saying you must get to Exchange, ask him this question:

How much of your bonus is tied to the company making money? Because you are about to disrupt the company in ways you can not imagine.

The graphic above takes what sits on one server in Domino and shows just how many pieces you need from Microsoft to recreate it.

You don't need more servers, you need less.
You don't require more silos, you want fewer.
Everyone wants to collaborate, the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line, or in this case....
1 Lotus Domino Server.

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