Friday, June 20, 2008

Free migration to Domino from Exchange

Well, let's step back a minute and then read the last 2 lines of this post.
Why not? You probably have a cadre of staff sitting around anyway, why not put them to good use.
What? They are busy?
But Exchange is a quiet and perfectly upright piece of software, what could they possibly be doing all day long?
You have a help desk, you have an ID management group, you even have a security group, and probably a hardware group too....all assigned to manage your Exchange infrastructure, or I should say AD.
So why not get them to help build a Domino server and at least see the other side.

What if you really did not need to have so many silos of servers?

What if you really couold do this collaboration thing, but from within 1 server, not needing 3,5,7 or 9?

What if you really wanted to reduce your harwdare, OS, licensing, electric, real estae costs?

Nah, you'll never do it, big business is in it for the salary, no one wants to actually reinvent their company.

Or do they?

By the way, I will honor the free migration to Domino, for one server or one group of people up to 100 users.
After that you pay the rest of the migration.

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  1. I am more than willing to help out in the development arena to get them up and running on Domino or just handle some of the overflow admin work.