Thursday, June 26, 2008

Unify just a Microsoft shell?

Ed Brill posted a great blog entry which I want to make sure others find.See it here

When I posted this back in July 2007 it was an odd drawing then. I posted it to a number of people as well.

Evidently they were not exceptionally successful with it.
The drawing would scare off any Domino application sites.
But if one was just email based without Domino apps then this is overkill, if you have the proper tools and more importantly the right people and resources.

Did Unify make money on it? Did Microsoft support them and the project?
Should IBM pay it's BPs too? If so, how and why?
Is money the answer?
I have offerred to migrate companies off Exchange to Domino for Free and how many of you have inquired about it?
So if I told you it would cost $1 million does that make you feel better?
It's all a game but so far it's one of the few Microsoft has not been able to outright defeat the competition.
And we like it that way!

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  1. I love how they branded the concept as moving Domino apps to Service Oriented Architecture.

    I attended one of the webinars, and there was not a SOA in sight. True to Microsoft form, any questions towards standards compliance and compatibility was never answered.

    It was quite pathetic, really.