Wednesday, July 1, 2009

They Call it Flippr and it's for Quickr

Admins at least.

The great SNAPPS team, led by Rob Novak are playing with another Quickr tool, this one for Admins.

Panda Bear was for the users, but now they gave us Admins something nice as well.

Great UI, smooth, fast and simple.

Fast! I am currently in London, UK on a DSL line with average speed connecting to a very old piece of hardware in the states on a slow line. And this does my work faster than I can if I try to refresh a web page!

Although I had some problems initially, that were my fault, now it shows my sites and does lookups on people so one can make access changes a snap.

The basic necessities are there just like they are via a browser, but without the headache and delays or crashes of the browser(you IE people know who you are, stop it).

Now if they can merge Flippr and Panda, for us Admins, I would be very happy. One program and screens pace is always better than 2.

Excellent work! Coming soon to a website near you probably in the near future.
What do I know, I am just a beta.