Friday, July 24, 2009

Fud Buster Friday #50 - Good Lotus Help is Hard To Find

This one is 1,000% false.

I don't care what company you are from, how big you are or how many servers/locations, users or operating systems you use.

We got staff for you. Not only that, they are excellent staff.

Don't want to hire an expensive(we're not as much as ISSL) Business partner? Then I can point you to numerous people I know around the world that can help you and your Lotus environment at lower rates.

Oh, but wait, you can't afford any of us no matter the rates.

Right, you are saving money and cutting costs and overhead and headcount.

Well while you were doing that, guess what else was getting cut?

Productivity! Your servers can't help themselves, well some can, but most can't without an intervention.

Innovation! Those left to change the light bulb could care less about which bulb to use as long as one is in the closet.

Money! You have to spend it to make it or in our terms, spend it to save it.

And who did you keep or hire to intervene? People like this sad excuse for a consultant who hasn't touched a new version of Domnino in 5 years or more.

When I get emails, Tweets, Linkedin resumes, IMs and many other ways Lotus and other IT people who are looking for work, it just makes me wonder what YOU, the client, are looking for when you are hiring.

So don't tell me, your IBM rep or anyone else that good people are hard to find, we are all out there, some of us cost more because we do more, save you more, keep you up instead of down and don't care about extending our contracts.

We care about YOU, the customer having a rock solid environment.

If you, as the customer cared as much as we, you would see the problems you face are of an entirely different nature. Plus we can provide modern ways to reduce your own internal costs by reducing printed documents, storing digitally all your paper, automated faxing, VOIP through your IM program(even if you are an Outlook company), reduce your office footprint so you save real estate costs and power, provide a leaner, greener infrastructure.

BUT, you can't afford it. And your staff sure isn't doing any of it.

We saved one company over $500,000 PER MONTH in soft costs associated with server down time. We can give you a quote on the phone or via IM to see how much you can save by having real IT people manage your infrastructure.

Don't believe me? Try us. If we can't clean you up, on time, on schedule, don't pay us(aside from T&E where required).

Oh, also if you MUST have certified people.

Never mind.

We don't believe in it,(although we have people that have it so we meet certain standards as an IBM BP) until IBM has an exam about troubleshooting Domino and Notes which truly, IMHO, validates what one knows and how one applies it.