Friday, December 5, 2008

Working Remotely? Domino Restarts after upgrading

Sorry no screenshot of it, but we have all seen it.

Maybe I missed someone's hint or tip on this one but since it just happened, yet again, I want to find a better solution.

When upgrading servers to R8.x, and we do this remotely via Windows Remote Desktop for 95% of our clients, we have seen a problem.

After finished upgrading Domino it asks to restart the server, which I would do anyway and here starts the problem. I can not reconnect remotely to the server.

a)You might think the Windows patches are being loaded, that has been the case at times and for delays but it will always come back.
b)You could say I told it to shut down NOT restart, yep done that too a few times.
c)You might even think some DNS issue occurred or rename of the server at restart that you forgot about. Been there done that too!
d)You may even think there is a hardware failure or NIC burnout.

No, what I am talking about is Windows restarts fine, Domino runs fine. BUT in the Domino console is a line asking for someone to click Y or N to upgrade the templates on the server from R8.x to 8.0.2 in this case.
Why does this hold up Windows Remote Desktop?
Any ideas how to get around it?
In the end called the client, they validated this was the case and hit Y and all was well.

Normally if you are in front of the server you can just hit Y for yes and move on, but not so for working remotely. Yes I could possibly use Remote console if it was enabled.
Maybe VNC would get around this? But I hate VNC unless I must use it like on Windows 2000 servers.