Thursday, January 31, 2013

It Is Official, I am an IBM Websphere Champion too

"Congratulations and Happy New Year - you have been selected as an IBM Champion for WebSphere software! "

I am stunned and amazed at this recognition, what can I say beyond thank you to the selection committee and my friends, especially Dave and Sharon, for all their technical help when Websphere got the better of me early on. Okay, it still gets the better of me, but I am more on top of it now.

The official announcement is here. Looking at the list, I am more humbled, because in no way do I represent that deep technical side of Websphere some of the people represent. One can only imagine it was because my clients helped me get here. Thanks to Bob and Jorge who nominated me.

Hopefully I can make my presence in the Websphere community stronger over time with Daphne's and Justin's help.

For the record I am not the first dual IBM Champion. But am the first to also be a Redbooks Thought Leader.