Monday, January 28, 2013

And Away We Go!

So what did I learn today/yesterday at Connect? Where are we going? Why are we going there and better yet what does it mean to us all?

Lotusphere and Connect 2013
It was announced attendance is up 10% this year and it shows, the halls are filled, the exhibition floor is very busy and everyone wants to get stuff done.

Here are some nice tidbits of information, more mobile Sametime 9 is coming with HD video among other niceties. Quickr has an integration methodology to bring your Quickr info, both Domino and J2EE versions, into IBM Connections. Notes and Domino 9 Social Edition is in beta and includes the Notes browser plugin. This little bit of code allows one to use their notes databases from a browser and provide functionality developers have been looking for to interact with other devices and aspects not usually found within a Domino server. And it also lets iNotes users work with their notes links from a browser.

There of course is Kenexa, IBM's recent purchase, the ability to work data to find and create a greater work force. A smarter workforce, a better place to get to as a company. Can we evolve? Time will tell, but we are in the early days of data engagement. Look for the Employee Experience Suite to appear soon from IBM.

I spent 2 hours in the JumpStart on Sametime Unified Telephony listening to Chris Price explain the SUT Configuration tool and how that could speed up installations and proof of concept projects. For my role at VoiceRite this means we can bring SUT to you faster and easier. Want to know more, come down to our pedestal at C45.

I did not get to any other sessions Sunday. Instead part of my afternoon was meetings and then exhibition floor time. One of my meetings was for the Team Social effort here at Connect. Our roles are to help more people understand social and find out the great things going on at the show. Get your picture with an IBM Champion yet and use the #IBMChamp on Twitter? That is part of it, so are The Social Cafe open discussions which run throughout the show.

The other meeting was for the IBM Champions and Redbook Thought Leaders which I am proud to say I am a member of both as are a few of my friends like Femke and Salvador. We met all the new Champions and some older ones. Not easy to get 60 odd people together in one suite but we did it.

This morning at the OGS one of the screens showed this graphic and it always makes me wonder about the 40% we can grow or how to discuss with them why they did not go the IBM route. There is always something to be learned.

Here is the view from the Champion area in the front of the Opening General Session facing all the way back of the room. I caught Joyce in the photo and want to thank her for all her help she does for me and the other IBM Champions. A list of the Champions was on screen and of our photos but I was a bit slow to grab the photo.
Others no doubt will blog the OGS better than I, I encourage you to check for some of them.

To all those that met me and discussed my blog or comments I have posted in places, I appreciate it immensely. As an IBMer last night said, we come here to listen and hear what everyone has to say, good and bad because that is how we get better. And so it is with my blog. Yes, I may have slowed down a bit in 2012 but I am not done yet. One goal I am trying to reach is my 1,000 post which should happen later this year.

My friends in the yellowverse and you may have seen us sprawled out on the couches and chairs last night, well every night, in the Dolphin rotunda, are what makes it all worthwhile. If you do not know my fellow bloggers, tweeters or Champions, get to know us. We are here to help you and work with you. We may not always agree with the best way to solve a problem but we all are passionate about solving it, so ask away.

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