Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Connect2013 Tip #3 Exporting Your Notes Calendar

Just a few more days and a whole new world will open before your eyes at Connect2013!

But for now, we have to build up interest and what better interest is there than various tips for users?

So far I discussed Lotus Notes letterhead and Sametime Goodies and for today I decided to discuss a Notes Calendar trick. This is helpful not just for the reasons described but if you need to do compliance work or some other similar areas.

If your calendar looks like mine for next week, you may be going to Connect.
What if you needed to get this on to a different mail file, say your Notes9 test site and it is not in your domain? Or in my case I want all my personal and company meetings to merge properly. 

Fellow IBM Champion Mat Newman outlined some examples to get an ical feed for your Notes calendar and getting Facebook birthdays and events in your Notes calendar in case you are wondering. In this case I am unable to bridge the domains and see each others mail. You may find synching to Gmail and then back to your phone works but not in my specific case. So here is how i got around it.

1)Bring up your calendar and change the view to show summary from the drop down on the Right side of the page
2) Now check all the events you want copied over
3) Now click File-Export from the menu bar and enter a name, I used week and make sure to  select calendar file (.ics). Also put the file someplace accessible from the 2nd machine, like a network share or a dropbox account or email it to the other domain.

4) You will be asked if you want ALL your documents exported, be sure to only click Selected Documents.

5) Now swap over to your other machine or client, open your calendar view and select File-Import. locate the file and open it.

6) You will see a pop up window asking about importing into your calendar with a preview of the entries. You may choose not to use notify me, your phone or client would be going off all the time.

7) Click OK

8) Done, simple enough. if you had similar entries already in place at the other location you will be prompted what to do with them

Maybe not as much fun as the other tips, but just as useful.

See you at Connect!

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