Friday, January 25, 2013

How to Find Me at Connect 2013

Aside from the obvious social ways of seeing me walking around or sitting in a session, you can reach out via social media all the links are on the left side of the blog.

While I am in a session I usually have Twitter up and replying. Otherwise I am on the move or in a meeting and not likely to answer that quickly. If you need me that badly, you probably know my phone numbers already.

I will likely be arriving Saturday night around 11PM after driving up from Boca Raton.

My focus is to work on VoiceRite business development and customer meetings and specific sessions of interest includes anything except the Developer track. In other words, if you do not find me, look for me at Pedestal C45 or leave me messages there. The pedestal is to the left when you come down the escalator to the exhibition floor.

My hours, right now, for Ped Duty are:
Sun evening where the party starts
Mon 10-11 and 12-1
Tues 12-12:30 and 4-5
Wen 9-10 and 1-1:30

I am speaking Wen at 11-11:30 on Soloing vs Sharing, it is an interactive session and no slides. It is a Social Cafe after all. Ok, 2 slides, but they made me do it.
If you want to be apart of the Social Cafe, on the exhibition floor against the far left wall when you come down the escalators) they have charging stations for laptops and phones, among other goodies.
Abstract for my talk: You may like to share, but what if your boss does not? Or it's not in your company culture? Fiefdom's, silos, call them what you want but they are harder to change then you can imagine. In this open forum we will discuss both sides of the fence, and ways to encourage sharing.
Sunday is Business Partner Day and I will be in some of those sessions as well as some of the Jump Starts and then I have Tweetups, Champion meetings, Social team meetings, VoiceRite meetings and of course the Beach party.

Monday, OGS and then sessions, meetings, then evening events.
Tuesday same as Monday but there is a panel for Redbook Thought Leaders at 1:30-2, again at the Social Cafe, where I will be discussing as part of the panel:
So You Want to Blog?
Want to start your own blog or be a guest blogger? Find out what makes an interesting blog. Hear what works and what doesn't. Best practices from the IBM Social Business Insights bloggers, including tips from the IBM Redbooks Thought Leaders.

Wednesday same as Monday except for the Social Cafe session already discussed.
Thursday I usually leave sometime after lunch so I can be home by dinner time.

Hope to see everyone and if you don't see me just be social or use your social media.

PS - If you see an IBM Champion, we will all have special ribbons on our badges they tell us, you should get a picture with us and post them using #IBMchamp to Twitter and include #IBMConnect. The person who gets a picture with the most Champions wins something. Also the Champion with the most attendees pictures get something. More details at the Photo Booth at the Social Cafe. There are over 70 Champions, not all of us are at the show.

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