Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Uploading Files to Quickr from a Mac Notes Client

This post comes from a discussion I had with someone around a lack of MAC Quickr connectors.

Mac Guidera has responsibility for the Connectors and last year at Lotusphere the question was asked about MAC connectors among others. The answer is we don't have any as far as I know.

SNAPPS has a product called Panda Bear which helps this problem. But what if you wanted something inside your MAC Notes client?

After the excellent session today by Mat Newman the idea came to me and while it may not work, I had a theory which I will explain how to bring some hope to the MAC people.

Sidebar. Yes that thing so many people never use or think about has some excellent options inside it. One is to provide a feed, link, notes db, view, URL etc.. as a Sidebar application.

I don't have a MAC so I will describe the idea and maybe someone can try it and let me know if it works.

Take the URL of the Quickr place, say the file area of a Place and make that a Sidebar app. There is a java section on the page and I wondered if you could then drag and drop your files into the place.

Sounds simple enough but some problems could exist.
1) Maybe drag and drop on a MAC is not enough to add the file. Perhaps it would prompt you with the save dialog?
2) If drag and drop doesn't work. If the main Files page was in the Sidebar, is it asking a user too much to click on the add a file option? Could it be this easy?
3) Maybe there is code preventing this from happenning in some way?
4) How would you do this if you had dozens of Places? There is no good way to import/export the places like there is for the Windows Connector. So this may not be perfectly practical in all situations.

There it is, not a great option, but possibly one that has merit in some cases.

Lotusphere inspires ideas and if this works, maybe for some people it would mean a lot.

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