Sunday, January 15, 2012

Oh The People you See at Lotusphere and the Help They Provide

Sunday, Business Partner Day and also Jump Starts going on. Saw the usual cast of characters plus IBMers. The great thing about the show is walking around you run into people like Luis Suarez who get Social very well. Louis Richardson does too but he was busy at the time I passed him.

When you are trying to figure out a way to help clients, no better way to do so than to talk to others in the space and ask for help.

During BP day we, the partners, were asked to do more. Stop being IT shops and installing, start discussing more broader topics and not just with IT. I think the problem with this still is historically many partners have contacts at the IT level, not always at the business line, HR or marketing level. Which is who some of this is truly aimed.

The show is still young and the impression is there is MUCH to come this week. No wonder given there are many layers of activities, for attendees, business people, partners aside from the developers and admins.

Questions I have this week are around IBM's Cloud offerings, including LotusLive, and naturally Connections and the latter is the focus for sure so you better be up for it.

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