Tuesday, January 10, 2012

TDI Troubleshooting Access Rights

Been working on a TDI project for the last few weeks and it looked to be almost done, then everything stopped working.

So, what to do? Asked around but did not find any great answers, just vague ideas or theories but nothing to point at and go AHA! So I did what I advocate and called in a PMR to IBM when nothing or no one else could help efficiently. Seems everyone is busy trying to finish work before Lotusphere.

Brian H. from support was helpful in pointing me in the right direction although there is a lack of info surrounding the problem experienced.

What we found was we suddenly had messages similar to this:
Log4J: Error Either File or DatePattern options are not set for appender [null]
Descriptive. I know.

Checking under the logs directory under my TDISOL directory the ibmdi.log showed some errors but nothing that pointed to anything directly.

So off we went to find how to get more logging details. Knowing there is a log4J reference meant finding out how and where to set logging and what levels it has.

The directory also under TDISOL called etc is where you can find the log4j.properties file. In it you will find a line that says:

Edit the WARN to ALL if you are having problems to get a very detailed log, save and run your scripts. More details on the options can be found in this Wiki http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/lcwiki.nsf/dx/Troubleshooting_problems_with_Tivoli_Directory_Integrator_ic301

In our case it showed some jar files and other pieces could not be read, from the directory one ABOVE TDISOL which is called V70A on our box and in the jars directory, and it's sub directories(V70a/jars/connectors and V70A/jars/3rdparty) among them.. We asked for more access to cover the whole directory and all ran properly.

So it was an access issue and not a code problem, unlike my NULL post which is still testing before I post the conclusions.