Tuesday, January 17, 2012

HUGE Thank You to the Developers Lab

Rarely have I leveraged the Developers lab, mostly because I am not a developer.

This year, client issues in tow, I spent about 3 hours with the TDI/Connections team of Joseph and Jackie that gave a great Jump Start on Sunday around TDI.

While I still have an open PMR, possibly, we resolved, and I learned, quite a bit from these two people and this is my token form of thanks for all their help.

Collaboration comes in many forms, but you first have to be open to working with others and knowing that others know more than you and can help you and it is not a strike of your knowledge or pride to ask for help.

So I encourage everyone at Lotusphere to leverage the lab if you never have because if you can't find the answer at Lotusphere...where on Earth will you?

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