Friday, February 27, 2009

ST-SNTT Embedded Awareness of 8.5 clients

note the line below is LYING
Late update before I split to go grilling tonight.

Received a call from my partner that he can not get awareness to work in his inbox since going to the 8.5 Lotus notes client and Sametime 8.0.2 which he is using on the embedded side.

I use the connect client so hadn't tested this recently.
Sure enough it didn't work.

Updated the Sametime.ini with any version of client code(list is here) not listed yet that I know we use, just in case.

Logged in again, still no change.

Now go find the option above in the picture under the community you are trying to log in from the preferences.

In our case we run an LDAP canonical login so swap the two and all worked again.

Now can someone please tell me why I can login to ibmext from my Vista laptop using 801 ST connect but can not from my XP using the same version(or 802 as I just updated it).

Enjoy, time to go home and grill.

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