Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Google Joins Mozilla vs. Microsoft

In what will be a defining moment, sometime in our children's lifetime at this point, the EU will listen to Google and Mozilla discuss why Microsoft should not be allowed to include IE with Windows in the future.

This discussion could take place in the US, but unfortunately the vast majority of Capitol hill is non-technically inclined and wouldn't know the difference between sms,smtp,ssl or ssh let alone UML, XML, HTTP to name a few items. My own rep argued against digital voting, Florida does have its problems.

Read the ZD post here.
Thanks to Guy Kawasaki for posting it and saying this to go with it:
You have to almost feel sorry for Microsoft about this--or at least see the irony of Google's efforts

Now if IBM had a browser to go with Symphony, Notes, Sametime imagine a true Linux world.

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